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>Snippets of Rwanda


I think they’re all pretty self- explanatory, aren’t they? Besides, it’s really late. I’ll just say that things are going great, Rwanda is beautiful, very green and full of contradictions (like any other country) and I’m having a blast. 
To be continued…


>Rwanda- a third world country

>There are a few things where Rwanda is so far advanced beyond the U.S. and Israel, that it really bewilders me how they can figure some things out and we can’t.
Do you know you can’t bring plastic bags into Rwanda because it’s against the law? They will kindly take them from you at the airport and give you biodegradable ones instead.
Do you know that it’s against the law for parents to have arranged marriage for their children because it interferes with their right for freedom?
Do you know they have wild mountain Gorillas? Why can’t we have Gorillas?

>The Genocide Memorial


It was just 16 years ago that the country was reduced to ashes. Over a million people were murdered in 100 days, most of which with machetes or any other improvised weapon the killers could get a hold of. Today, this period is referred to as madness, as they still can’t acknowledge that people would perform such atrocities when in their right mind. Although history has proven it possible time and time again, they talk of brain wash and terror tactics that engulfed the country and threw it into a murdering craze. The horrors almost seem impossible, even to someone who’s heard and learnt of other genocides.

>L.A., London, Kigali


Why I like London
Somehow, in the past couple of year, most of my flights went through London. I stop, stay for a bit and get back on a plane. This time was extra fun, as I got to go to my friend Olivia’s office Christmas dinner and it was my first time ever in a tux. Was kinda’ fun feeling like Bond (…,James Bond) for the night.
As soon as we arrived in the Kigali airport, it was obvious we’re in a different place with a different mentality. The airport was chaos. And then the drive to the hotel: many of the developing countries (a nicer term for third-world countries) I’ve been to have the same driving habits. Traffic is fast, very close and has a certain flow to it, the kind that allows a truck to pass a scooter that’s 10 inches away while there’s another car coming the opposite direction. And it all feels natural.
The hotel room shower welcomed me with a plastic tub, flip- flops and no curtain.

 The first day was a Sunday, so we hit the town.
It’s Christmas, so Kigali is dressed up for it. What’s more appropriate than an elephant with a red Christmas hat on?

In a large shopping center, I saw these condom packages that were too hilarious not to photograph. Note that the blonde American bimbo stereotype is even used here as a sex symbol…



     So it begins. Spent the last weekend freezing in snowy Chicago and loved every minute of it. As the Rwanda trip is getting closer and closer, I was very happy to meet some of the students I will be going with and it seems like it’s going to be a fun group of people.
     After fulfilling my working goals (interviews and such), I finally got to see the “Bean” with my own eyes- a Chicago icon that’s featured in numerous photos. The freshly packed snow and the Christmas decorated downtown were a treat to my Israeli eyes that have never witnessed a real Christmas, with snow and all.