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>Unexpected encounters

December 21, 2010


This is Isaac Rabin (that’s his full name!), a driver and part-time carpenter in Kigali. I still have my doubts as to his understanding of how significant his name is for me and how random our encounter was, but in any case- I met Isaac Rabin in Kigali. 
There’s nothing like walking around in a foreign place and be open to whatever comes. It’s very rare that doing so wouldn’t bring something good your way. 
I left the hotel knowing that I have to change some money and cut my hair (something I should have probably done a couple of months ago). I detoured through the alleys on my way back and stumbled upon these two guys who work in this saloon. I can’t tell you too much about them because our communication was very limited. However, I can tell you that they are too cool for school and that the whole inside of the saloon was full of posters of american hip hop and rap artists. 

Do you know how these guys spent their day? They had to sift one enormous pile of sand and stones and create another enormous pile of sand with no stones. One of them would pile some sand, then they sway the sift, toss the stones and do it again. And again and again. BTW, the guy on the left had no shoes. And the guy on the right is wearing a Lebron James jersey. 

I ran into Emmanuel right before it started pouring rain and he invited me to his house for a while. His parents escaped Rwanda many years before the genocide, but his father picked the worst time to come back to look for work. When they all came back after the genocide, he found his father butchered in his house. He was slain by his neighbor. The killer went to jail for 12 years and was released back to his old house. Emmanuel is now a pastor and has forgiven the killer.


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