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>Orphans and Sounds

December 20, 2010


After a very intense week and a bit, everyone left. As European airports are a mess because of the weather, all I can wish them is to get home in the next couple of days. 
I’ve got a week left in this interesting place and I hope to finish filming a few things I didn’t have the time to film and definitely go out and get some cool pictures (preferably, while getting muddy and sweaty in the process).  
On Sunday, we went to visit Jean-Paul’s orphanage. A wonderful man and a genocide survivor, he adopts street kids and orphans. Right now, he has 30 of them and he provides them with food, shelter, clothes and education. He literally approaches children on the street and offers them a better life. I’m fortunate enough to have an opportunity to return there and do some more filming. To be very honest, I’m pretty excited about this coming week…
In spite of trying to avoid generalization, it seems that in Rwanda, religion is closely tied to music. There’s a church right next to the hotel and today I finally had the time to walk in and record some of the sounds. You can also hear the beautiful voices of three women we met in a short visit to one of Kigali’s hotel- they were sitting on the side of the pool, doing each other’s hair and singing their church choir’s songs. 


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